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Garages and Bodyshops, as with other sectors of the Motor Industry, have waste management requirements that need to consider initially; space limitations, operational conditions and environmental requirements.

Balers and Compactors are typical solutions for the motor industry sector as they are handling cardboard, plastic and metal waste on a daily basis. As these sites usually have limited floor space on site but many waste streams, Orwak can provide the ideal solution to cater for these needs.

5030 compactor3110 baler

Orwak have partnered with the National Body Repair Association to offer the perfect waste solution to Bodyshops in particular. After discussing the issues that Bodyshops have when it comes to waste management, what became apparent was the limited space available, and at the same time the amount of different waste streams that are typically generated. The solution was simple. The 3110 Baler and 5030 Compactor make the perfect combination. Furthermore, through the NBRA, Body Shops can benefit from a hugely discounted rental rate.

Our 5030 In-Bag Compactor can deal with all sorts of waste streams such as tins/cans, wipes/rags, general waste and much more. This would significantly increase the capacity going in to bins for landfill.

Our Small 3110 Baler is ideal for recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic, etc. and diverts this away from landfill.

Both machines are easy to use, have a small footprint, and fits in to your current waste process seamlessly.

Our fully comprehensive rental ensures continual service support, so that you can get on with the job in hand.

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To find out more about the National Body Repair Association and the support they provide to the Automotive industry, click below:

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