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Orwak – our core values - About us

At Orwak, our core values are what binds us as a global company. Across the world we provide the same quality, professionalism, expertise and ethics to every customer and supplier.


Our products create safer, cleaner and organised working conditions and help minimize the impact on our global environment. More compaction means less waste volume to transport, therefore fewer transports give reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Diverting more recyclable waste to landfill ultimately helps in reusing valuable resources.


Orwak is a pioneer in developing high-performance waste handling systems. A strong culture of design and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of setting new standards in our business. We continuously assess the changes in the waste evolution, so that we can continue to provide the solutions that businesses need.


We have consistently delivered uncompromised quality and reliability, earning us the reputation as a world leader of waste handling solutions. Our local knowledge and nationwide coverage gives us the ability to provide solutions for businesses large and small, in every industry. We pride ourselves on continuous support, we know no business stays the same, we work with the changes our customers experience along the way.


Our mission is to advise our customers with honesty and integrity. Due to nearly 200 years of expertise, we continuously work to give up to date solutions.  As a result we make the answer easy, flexible and specific to each individual business.

Customer Service

From the moment you are introduced to Orwak, our staff are always on hand. To answer your questions, provide service support, and most of all make sure your relationship with Orwak is the best it can be. Furthermore, our local experts can assess your waste processes with you, advise on solutions and waste partners, and support any changes along the line. Our service engineers are dedicated to providing excellence when servicing and maintaining your equipment. No job is too big or too small. Ultimately we do our job so you can get on with doing yours.