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There is more than one reason to choose an Orwak Baler or Compactor for Your Waste.

Running a business which has a high level of waste disposal should most definitely invest in a baler.  An Orwak baler will compact your recyclable material into a bale, which offers easy handling.

Your recycling rates will improve dramatically.  As you are compacting your waste, many recycling companies will be interested in taking your waste so they can recycle into new products such as packaging.  By compacting, you will enable your rubbish to be easily managed, and make it simpler for a recycling company to collect and recycle.

The benefits of recycling more to your business is firstly, reducing waste disposal costs, because you are disposing of less.  Secondly, recycling companies will pay you for your recyclables when supplied in the right form.  Both these benefits will give you an improved bottom line! Click this link to see up to date market prices on reyclable material.

We all know landfill costs go up year on year. This in turn puts increased pressure on business to either increase their sales or put prices up, just to stand still!

Health and safety in the workplace is very important, to protect your staff, your visitors and your business.  Balers help you keep your work space clean and tidy. Baled recyclables can be stacked neatly, reducing the risk of trips and falls.  Keeping your recyclables neatly baled also helps reduce the risk of rodent and insect infestations.

Another area of health and safety all businesses must consider is manual handling.  Baling drastically reduces the time and money spent on waste management and manual handling.

So, let your baler do the work.  Rather than having extra staff to carry, lift and flatten, you can simply put your recyclable product in your baler!

Examples of waste that can be taken from landfill and recycled are cardboard, plastic packaging, PET bottles, aluminium, end of line packaging, plastic trays, the list is endless! To see what you can do with different types of waste material click here.

What ever type of waste you have, we have the solution for you.