Orwak – the many benefits to your business - About us

Our compaction and baling solutions make significant contributions to effective waste management, sustainable business practices, the well being of employees, and compliance with environmental regulations. Our aim is to find the ultimate solution that fulfils all of these areas. Choosing an Orwak solution means:

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When loose waste is compacted, it means fewer container pickups, fewer trips, and less money is wasted. Furthermore, sorted and highly compacted waste material is a source of income that help you increase your profit and ultimately, your bottom line.

Time productivity orwak

Time is Money. Less time spent on waste handling means more time for your core business! Orwak balers and compactors are designed to fit in to your waste process seamlessly and easily.

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Proper handling of waste reduces safety and health risks and contributes to a higher level of job satisfaction. Employees can feel a valuable part of the company’s Recycling strategy.

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Space is always at a premium and you can’t afford to have it taken up by empty boxes, loose waste materials and multiple waste bins and skips. Our balers rapidly reduces the volume and high-density bales require much less storage than loose material.

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The Orwak Waste Into Value model helps increase recycling rates. Preparing waste to divert from landfill maximizing valuable raw materials, resulting in an optimal recycling process and more profit. Baled waste provides recycling companies with a readily accepted deliverable due to its high density and ease of handling.