Manufacturing industry - Your Business

The manufacturing industry is under increasing pressure year on year to reduce its waste disposal and landfill commitments. The way to reduce the impact of your business is to introduce waste handling solutions that can contribute to the overall business economy. By reducing the waste that goes to landfill you reduce your costs of disposal.  By recycling waste you can contribute to your bottom line by selling on this waste to recyclers.

By compacting landfill waste and baling recyclable waste streams, your workplace is tidier, cleaner and safer. Reducing the number of containers and bins onsite also saves a huge amount of valuable space.

Benefits to your business:

  • Less work-related risks in the workplace
  • Choose distributed or central waste handling or both
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Deal effectively with a wide variety of materials
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Turn recycling into a source of income!


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