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Hospitality is a huge industry that includes bars, coffee shops, contract catering, hotels, nightclubs, visitor attractions and other leisure venues. This industry produces large amounts of waste as they have a high turnover of customers every day.  By using a baler or compactor you reduce the volume of your waste by up to 90%, giving you more space as well as reducing the threat of pest infestation.

Recycling at work makes good sense and even more so in the Hospitality Industry where pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels etc. could save an estimated ‘…£725m per year by increasing recycling rates …’.* Even though efforts are increasing and just under 50% of mixed waste is recycled, it is thought that 70% of the waste that is sent for general disposal could still be recycled.

It is felt by recycling glass and aluminium alone at source, business’ can remove weight and associated costs, reducing waste by up to; 30% in pubs, 16% in hotels, 98% in clubs.

Keeping your premises clean and tidy will make it more inviting to visitors, enhancing the customer experience at your establishment.  You will also increase your bottom line by recycling your waste.

David Lloyd Fitness Clubs realised the value of recycling the waste generated in such a busy industry, especially with packaging from the volume of food and drinks served onsite. Orwak supply a small baler at each site in Northern England and Scotland. This has simplified their waste process while making sure that there is never unsightly waste for the customers to see.

  • Reduce the number of unsightly bins and number of collections
  • No unsightly waste cluttering up your business – enhancing the customer experience
  • Improve health and safety for your staff and customers
  • Efficient management of your waste
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Earn extra revenue from baled cardboard and plastic
  • Recycle glass and plastic bottles more effectively
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, showing customers that you care about the environment

Orwak offers a number of Balers and Compactors for this industry including the 3110 Small Baler, 5030 Compactor, 5070 Twin Chamber Baler and the BB05 Glass Crusher. These models compact not only packaging waste like cardboard and plastic but also glass, tin cans and food/kitchen waste.

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