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Food Retail shops generate a large amount of packaging waste. Usually over 70% of this, mainly cardboard and plastic packaging, is both recyclable and valuable. Using bins for loose packaging waste can be inefficient for both disposal and space saving. If recyclable waste is segregated and baled or bagged at source, it will reduce the costs of disposal and also increase space. Most packaging materials when compacted can be collected free of charge through our network of recyclers and in some cases we can generate a revenue stream.

At Orwak we offer a large range of Balers and Compactors that can be introduced to your current waste process without adding time and resources. Orwak works with many food retail business, large and small, creating seamless processes to ensure maximum recycling capabilities, and in some cases helping businesses achieve zero waste to landfill. These solutions include small Balers with small footprints like the 3115 and 5010e Balers, moving up to the larger Balers with wider door openings for larger items and volumes; for example the 3620 and 3820 Mill Size Balers. And for multiple waste streams the multi chamber 5070 and 9020.

Below is the solution we use across the estate of one of the UKs largest supermarkets. The 9020 is used for cardboard and plastic waste to be recycled, and the 5030 bag compactor is used for general waste, to ensure waste skips are collected with maximum capacity.

9020 baler5030 compactor

Benefits of an Orwak solution for retail:

  • Focus will be on your customers not your waste problems
  • No unsightly waste cluttering up your business creating a better customer experience
  • Improved health and safety for your staff and customers
  • Efficient management of your waste and in turn helping your carbon footprint
  • Reduced waste disposal costs and therefore less waste to landfill
  • Increase your bottom line by selling on recyclable materials where possible

Our fully comprehensive rental ensures continual service support, so that you can get on with the job in hand.

Orwak has the solution to all your waste handling needs

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