Marine and offshore - Your Business

Aboard ships and in offshore environments, putting valuable space to maximum use is one of your top priorities. Also high waste disposal costs and handle hazardous waste effectively is a necessity. In this industry, moving any waste is much more complex and infrequent due to the unique locations, so requires maximum sorting and organisation.

Benefits of an Orwak solution:

  • Rapidly minimise the volume of waste
  • Choose distributed or central waste handling or both
  • Free valuable floor space and use it more efficiently
  • Keep a high standard of hygiene
  • Effective and safe handling of a wide variety of materials including hazardous waste
  • Balers and compactors designed specifically for marine and offshore needs
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • And on top of that: Turn recycling into a source of income!

Investing in a Orwak solution guarantees the best total waste handling economy!

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