Soft Plastic Balers - Compaction Know-how

Our soft plastic balers come in all shapes and sizes depending on individual business needs.

Soft plastic has great potential for compaction as it is a voluminous material that contains lots of air. The result is very satisfying when the bales are tied under pressure and are secured by strong straps or wire.

Many companies generate a huge amount of soft plastic due to packaging and pallet wrap etc. We have found segregating the material at source to bale is the preferred method of recycling.

Compaction ratio: 10:1                             Bale weight: 70-500 kg

Plastic bale

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So what baler would suit your plastic recycling needs? Have a look at our recommendations below;

  • Orwak Compact 3110 Baler

    The Compact and Versatile Baler – fits where you need it!

    This newly designed Baler has the smallest footprint in our range, so it fits where you need it to be. Autostart, Full Bale and Service Indicators are just some of the new features that make this Baler much more automated than the typical small Baler.

    Every 3110 Baler is supplied with a Bale Trolley for ease of movement of the produced bales. Ideal for premises that have no lifting equipment on site.

    Press force: 4 tonne

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 50 kg    Plastic up to 70 kg

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  • Orwak Compact 3115 Baler

    The 3115 Baler is ideal for small volumes of plastic, but is also designed for cardboard. The cross-binding function give a tight grip of the bale, and ideal for soft plastic or small pieces of material.

    Its Autostart, Material Selector and Full Bale and Service Indicators make this a much more automated version of any small baler on the market today.

    Press force: 6 ton

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 60 kg     Plastic up to 85 kg

  • Orwak Multi 5070 Baler

    The Multi 5070 Baler is the smaller version of our 9020. Therefore, you don’t need huge quantities of waste to put an ‘electronic sorting station’ in place!

    This unit enables you to deal with multiple waste streams at the same time, and extra chambers can be added when needed. Our innovative two-handed apron operation makes this the SAFEST SMALL MULTIPLE CHAMBER BALER IN THE WORLD!

    This unit comes with a Bale Trolley to easily move your baled waste, ideal if your premises doesn’t have lifting equipment.

    Press force: 3 ton

    Bale weight:   Cardboard up to 50 kg     Plastic up to 80 kg

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  • 9020 baler

    Orwak Multi 9020 Baler

    The Multi 9020 Baler is a top-loading, multi chamber solution that forms a mini recycling point. By using one chamber for each waste stream, it is easy to sort and baler materials at source.

    Our recent innovation has made the 9020 Baler THE SAFEST MULTI-CHAMBER BALER IN THE WORLD TODAY. Over the last 3 years we have developed a new braking system to eliminate unnecessary injuries, working in conjunction with the HSE. Go to our link at for more details.

    9020 brakes 9020 mod

    Press force: 20 tonne

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 200 kg     Plastic up to 300 kg

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  • Orwak Power 3820 Baler

    The 3820 Mill Size Baler has an extra wide opening for excessively large cardboard up to 1500mm wide.

    The reverse technique of pulling rather than pushing when compacting, in addition to the long piston stroke means a long heavy-duty service life. Essential for businesses that have a constant stream of waste to bale.

    The 3820 Baler has a very rapid cycle time of only 24 seconds, and features Autostart and sliding door that reopens when compacting is finished. This makes the loading process much quicker for the user.

    As with all Balers in the Power range, the new PCB gives the option of communication and data retrieval, but most importantly performance level D. The safest Baler on the market!

    Press force: 26 tonne

    Bale weight     Cardboard up to 500 kg     Plastic up to 600kg