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Mixed waste compactors - Compacting know-how

Mixed waste, often referred to as general waste, effects most businesses and is often thrown into bins or skips without a second thought. However, it can be reduced in volume in a clean and efficient manor; saving money, time and encourages staff use of recycling procedures.

The effective and hygienic compaction of dry, semi-dry or organic mixed waste in bags is a classic Orwak concept!

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Mixed waste compaction ratio: up to 10:1

compacted mixed waste

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So which compactor would suit your mixed waste recycling needs? Have a look at our recommendations below;


  • Orwak Flex 5030 Compactor

    This compactor has been one of our most popular units since the 1970s, and its original design has not changed after all those years! Its versatility and ease of use offers hygienic compaction of mixed and hazardous waste and a compaction ratio of 10:1.

    The compacted and sealed bag prevents any leakage and odours. It has a small footprint but a powerful pressforce of 3 tonne.

    Examples of ideal waste streams:

    Paper Sacks, Shrink wrap, plastic bags, tins/cans, general waste, hazardous waste. Anything that can be squashed!

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  • Orwak Flex 4110 Compactor

    The 4110 in-bin compactor efficiently reduces the volume of bagged waste. Probably the safest on the market in this sector, fitting various bin types and sizes.

    Based in a simple wheel-in, wheel out operation, the compactor can be adapted to fit most common standard four-wheeled bins on the market. Its design relieves the pressure on the wheels of the bin and protects them from being damaged during compaction. With a 3 tonne pressforce, compaction ratio is 4:1 to 8:1 dependent on type of waste.

    Ideal for hotels and restaurants, where a huge amount of general waste is generated and a large amount of bins onsite.

    Example of Waste Streams:

    Any bagged general waste, if it can be squashed it can go in!

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