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Aluminium Cans Balers - Compaction Know-How

Aluminium cans are a demanding type of material. The cans are hard to crush with a lasting result and it is difficult to keep the small fractions together in a bale. However, we offer heavy duty compaction solutions and cross-binding baling for the most successful result.

The value of aluminium cans is constantly changing and ever increasing, so recycling this waste stream is always worth looking into.

Compaction ratio: 3:1-7:1                    Bale weight: 40-200 kg

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So which baler would suit your aluminium can recycling needs? Have a look at our recommendations below;


  • Orwak Flex 5010-E Baler

    The 5010-E Baler has a small footprint but plenty of power. Top-loading makes this unit versatile, convenient and fast. The Baler can be installed in virtually any location, and is extremely easy to operate.

    A trolley is supplied with every 5010-E Baler, meaning easy to move bales when lifting gear isn’t available on site.

    Examples of Waste Streams:

    Paper, Cardboard, Paper Sacks, Shrink Wrap, Plastic bags, Metal straps, Plastic Straps, and much more.

    Bale Weight:    Cardboard up to 60kg    Plastic up to 80kg

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  • 3620 baler

    Orwak Power 3620 Baler

    The 3620 Mill Size Baler is the largest, most powerful of the Power range. With 52 tonne press force, it really is heavy-duty, capable of dealing with constant large volumes of cardboard and plastic. Bales can be secured by strapping or wire.

    This Baler has a very rapid cycle time of only 24 seconds, and features Autostart and a sliding door the opens when compacting has finished, which makes the loading process much quicker for the user.

    As with all Balers in the Power range, the new PCB gives the option of communication and data retrieval, but most importantly performance level D. The safest Baler on the market!

    Press force: 52 tonne

    Bale weight:     Cardboard up to 500kg     Plastic up to 600kg

  • Orwak Compact 3210 Baler

    The 3110 Baler helps you take care of medium volumes of cardboard and plastic in no time! It is incredibly fast and compacts your waste in just 13 seconds! Thanks to a small footprint, the 3210 Baler fits where space is limited.

    A footprint of 1sq. metre makes it easy to install almost anywhere. Also, two bales produced by the 3210 Baler fits perfectly on a euro pallet.

    Press force: 12 ton

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 80 kg     Plastic up to 110 kg

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  • brickman compactor brickette machine

    Brickman 300

    The Brickman 300 is available in several options dependent on material. Creating briquettes from vast amounts of waste, no binding is required and can be fed while running. The capacity is up to an impressive 300kg per hour!

    The first version is ideally for cardboard. With compaction pressure of up to 500kg/cm2.

    Alternatively, another version available is for aluminium cans and shredded paper – due to the extension on the press cylinder and automatic greasing of the press plate.

    The third is for PET bottles and plastic containers. Reinforced press chamber, press plate and cutting blades makes this a particularly  sturdy version.

    Hopper: 0.75 m3      Press Force: 25 tonne

    Cardboard 250 kg per hour
    PET bottles 170kg per hour
    Aluminium 300kg per hour
    Shredded paper 300kg per hour