Plus, what would you like to bale?

When businesses start to focus on improving or further improving their recycling processes, it is not always obvious what waste can and can’t be baled or compacted. As always there are rules, regulations and exceptions.

Most companies begin with segregating their waste streams. It is a good place to start as segregating waste is key to saving money, space and reducing waste going to landfill.

But what next? What are you to do with the segregated waste? If you have invested the time and implemented processes of separating the different waste streams you need to put them somewhere and a baler is often the perfect outlet for some (not all) of that waste.

So, what waste can you bale? Here at Orwak Easi we like to think we know and we would like to share that knowledge. We also like to experiment, so read to the end to find out if you can get involved.

But to give you an idea here is a list of the top 5 waste products that can be baled or compacted.

Top 5 Waste Streams

No 1 – Cardboard

waste cardboard

Cardboard is the top waste stream to be baled. As a whole it is bulky and time consuming. However with a baler it can be reduced up to 10:1. Produce enough of it and you could make money from it.

No 2 –Soft Plastic

Compacting knowhow_plastic 1200 pxl

Clear is the most popular but all colours and types can be baled. Soft plastic, like the wrapping around a pallet, wastes a lot of space in bins and skips and can easily be baled to keep it neat and tidy. It can be reduced 10:1 and bales can be sold to make money from your waste, if you produce/ have enough of the stuff.

No 3 – General Waste


Yes, it can be compacted. There is a lot of unused space between the waste in bins because of air and gaps. Compacting can reduce the volume up to 80%. Orwak Easi even have ‘in bin’ compactors to work with the bins you already have. Or, alternatively, you can compact using one of our 5030 bag compactors prior to the waste going to the bin.

No 4 – PET Bottles (plastic drinks bottles to the rest of us)

Compacting knowhow_PET 1200 pxl

Once empty, these bottles take up a lot of space. But they can be baled and it will save you a lot of space. The compaction rate is 4:1 and food outlets and adventure parks are great lovers of this solution.

No 5 – Cans and Drums

aluminium cans

Cans and drums are ideal for baling. Everyone loves to squish a can but did you know that you can bale them all at once? Drums of all different size can also be crushed.

However, that isn’t everything, you can also bale or compact paper, shredded paper, harder plastic, wee waste, tyres, carpets, stuffing for furniture, plastic buckets and I am sure we have missed a few.

What would you love to bale?

There are also things we would all LOVE to see baled and watch it happen (unfortunately your spouse is not an option – sorry). So, to raise money for our chosen charity, ‘Children with Cancer UK’, we are willing to experiment.

We are currently in the process of setting up cameras in the machines to get the best footage possible.

Get involved and let us know what you would like to see crushed inside one of our baling machines and donate to see it happen.

The staff here at Orwak Easi have already donated and put forward a few ideas. We have already lined up a hard hat, melons and oranges (to see if we can make juice).

So donate now at www.justgiving.co.uk/orwakeasi and send in your suggestions.

(Please note we cannot accept dangerous or unethical suggestions)

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