We are 4 months into 2019 and it is about time we updated you.

It has been an amazing start to the year. We seem to have been non-stop, working hard to save our customers time, space and money. So, we have put this newsletter together to let you know exactly what has been keeping us so busy.

(Clue – it’s balers)


Here’s some facts and statistics to give you an idea of what we have been up to;

So far this year we have delivered 89 machines across this UK. (correct as of 25th March 2019) That is;


 Orwak Power Balers

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Orwak Multi Balers

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Orwak Compact Balers

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Orwak Flex Balers

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The smaller balers are popular so far this year. Proving that small balers are still a necessity to businesses large and small.



Orwak Shredders (Void Fillers)

Intrigued? These are cardboard shredders that turn your waste cardboard into useful packaging. See below for more information on these wonderful machines.


All these balers have been installed in a huge spread of industries, including;
Accident Repair Centres
Garden Centres
Fast Food Restaurants
Carpet Warehouses
Blue Light Services
Ships (yes…..out at sea)
And even an animal shelter!!


Machine of the Month

We have decided to highlight our most popular machine so far this year. And the winner is…….the Orwak Compact 3110.

There is a reason this machine is doing so well, alongside the other machines in the Orwak Compact range, it’s ideal for most businesses.

Its compact size allows for this baler to be placed even in the smallest of places, it has a 4 tonne press force, auto start, bale size adjustments, full bale and service indicators as standard.
Producing bales of up to 70kg (dependent on material) no wonder businesses both big and small have been keen to install this baler.

If you would like more information on our machine of the year so far, you can download a specification sheet here>>> alternatively, get in touch here >>>

100 000 Machines

Orwak AB launched a campaigned to celebrate the 100 000th machine being made in their factory in Sweden.

It’s a great achievement for the whole Orwak team across the globe.

It highlighted the first ever machine and some of the unusual and exotic places our balers have ended up including our very own Buckingham Palace.

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Orwak Easi 450 Offer

Since the launch of our popular Orwak Easi 450 offer last year a whopping 57 of the balers have been installed so far.

16 of those have been from the start of this year alone.

The offer is still running but only whilst stocks last.

Here is an example of some of the 450’s in their new homes.

Benefits of using Orwak Easi

So, you have seen what we have done over the last 3 months of business but if our success isn’t winning you over then maybe the benefits of using us, Orwak Easi UK Ltd, can.

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You don’t have to take our word for it.

We pride ourselves in the work that we do and use the independent review platform Feefo to give our valued customers the opportunity to tell the truth.
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