Waste Handling through the Coronavirus Pandemic - News room



Everyone will always remember 23rd March 2020, the day the country entered lockdown, everyone told to ‘stay at home’ as Coronavirus reeked its havoc.

Like most businesses, it was crucial for Orwak to take steps and make decisions to protect the business and our people. From putting in place a safe working policy, to source and provide PPE, and work through how we would need to adapt for such an extreme change in UK trading.

The Job Retention Scheme helped tremendously for Orwak to support every member of staff, whether still working, working from home, or on furlough.

As a machinery supplier and service provider to many essential services, it was paramount that we could continue to support our customers in the most effective and safe way possible. Our engineers worked tirelessly to deliver the service that our customers expect, installing compactors and balers quickly and safely, dealing with service calls, keeping things running smoothly.

5030 compactor  semi auto baler     

So many industries saw a huge increase in the amount of waste generated, from takeaways and food retail to warehousing, manufacturing and support industries. We have gained many new customers who needed a baler or compactor in a very quick timeframe.

Many businesses found their waste collections became very unreliable, leaving them with overflowing bins. Many saw an increase in waste due to the amount of PPE being disposed of. In these cases we provided compactors to reduce the size of the waste, making bin collections less frequent and more manageable.

Packaging waste also rose, with cardboard and shrink wrap/plastic packaging being the main culprits. With balers installed, this saved space, kept sites clean and saved money on landfill. However we also saw other recyclable materials such as bulk bags, aluminium and drums. All of this the inevitable drawback of producing and handling goods at an increased level.

On the reverse, as we know, many businesses saw reduced trade and many not trading at all. Throughout we’ve worked with our customers to help where we can, while still maintaining our own stability. Our Accounts and Admin team have worked very closely with each customer, providing advice and support when needed. It has been great to see many of these businesses now getting back to some sort of normality, and so many being creative and adapting to the situation dealt to them.

The most important part of this ongoing pandemic for Orwak has been all of our staff. Their ideas, support, understanding and positive attitude has made us even stronger through such difficult times. Without our people, we really are nothing.

And now, while infection rates are rising, uncertainty remains and challenges present themselves, we continue to work hard as a team. We wish every business in every industry all the luck in the world, the UK is strong and will transform and adapt. We will beat this and be much stronger through it.

We’re here for every business that needs help and advice on their waste handling needs. Just give us a call.


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