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Happy New Year  – Let’s Update, upgrade you and celebrate in 2020

We thought it was about time you had an update from us here at Orwak Easi UK Ltd. To find out what we were up to in 2019 and what we have planned for 2020.

The beginning of 2020 means that Orwak Easi UK Ltd is turning 3!

We have been running for a full 3 years under the Orwak umbrella and it has been an amazing 3 years so far.

As a company in the UK we are growing in size, confidence and quality and it is only set to get better and better.

So much so, that we have some exciting news at the end of January.

Whilst we can’t reveal the news yet, we can assure you it doesn’t affect you as a customer, it just means we become bigger and better.

What Was New In 2019?

So what did we do in 2019?

The biggest change we made in 2019 was introducing a whole range of new equipment including static and portable compactors and automatic and semi-automatic balers.

This was purely to be able to offer a full range of equipment to businesses from a small corner shop to large warehouse and distribution centers.

We have a few stories to highlight these new machines. Follow the link below to read more;


We were also aware that new equipment could be a little confusing so we tried our best to settle some of the questions in advance. Check out our blog on the difference between portable and static compactors here; https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/news/static-portable-compactors-whats-difference/

Current Offers

We launched a few great offers on our refurbished range of balers last year and we plan on running them for as long as possible. Get yourself a good deal whilst our stocks last.


NBRA Greens Awards

We work closely with our partners and the NBRA (National Bodyshop Repair Association) is just one of them.

As a result we help sponsor their Greener Bodyshop awards that encourages their bobyshop members to reduce their carbon footprint. Check out some of the awards here; https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/news/platinum-for-gemini-accident-repair-centres/

And some of the success stories here; https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/success-stories/

What We Have Planned For 2020

We have lots planned. Especially for the environment.

In 2020 we plan on sharing more of our existing internal recycling efforts to highlight the benefits of segregating your waste. We have refreshed our in-office recycling stations to boost our own environmental credentials and will post more about this as the year goes on.

We are also making the move to paperless sales and marketing. It won’t be instant but we are gradually reducing the amount of print material we use and give out to customers, replacing this with electronic material.

Our website already has downloadable specification sheets and most of our manuals and contracts are available electronically.

Our fleet of vehicles are going green! As contracts come to an end we will only be replacing the vehicles with hybrid or electric vehicles to further improve our carbon footprint. The benefits to the environment and the staff should shine through. We have already made a start.

We already support our Swedish factory which uses 100% green energy to produce our new machines but we are going one step further. Later this year we will be planting a tree every time you buy or rent a baler or compactor from us.

Supporting the environment is something we are passionate about and believe this is one way to do it.


Don’t forget we have some great offers on our full consumable range and we have no intention of increasing the prices for the next 12 months.

We have reviewed our prices and kept ourselves competitive while still offering a first class service, as well as adding to the range to now include wire coils for fully automatic balers.

However, if there is something missing in our range let us know and we will try our best to supply this for you.

All these deals can be viewed on our webshop here; https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/shop/

Or by calling 01902 297085

Our Best Reviews

We have been receiving some great feedback from our customers and they are 100% independent and genuine.

Feefo is designed so that all reviews are from genuine customers only and completely independent from us here at Orwak Easi UK Ltd.

We would like to thank all those customers who have taken the time to leave feedback over the last year and welcome anyone to contact us if you wish to leave us a review. They can only help us improve.

Check out the full reviews here; https://www.feefo.com/en-GB/reviews/orwak-easi?displayFeedbackType=BOTH&timeFrame=YEAR

Again we would like to wish all our customer new, old and future a very happy 2020.

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