We have put together a list of the top 5 essential checks you can do to ensure your baler and compactor continues to work to the best of its ability during winter.

The weather is turning colder and as a result we are wrapping up warmer and getting our houses and vehicles winter ready. But here at Orwak Easi UK Ltd we also want to make sure your waste baling and compacting machinery is winter ready too.

It is really important all year round to keep the area around your equipment clean and tidy but especially in winter.

Any waste left lying around is a trip hazard. Your feet can easily get caught in an empty box or a sheet of plastic and cause an accident.

But in winter cardboard, polythene and other products can and will freeze, especially if damp and cause a slip hazard.


No one likes to be outside when it’s cold and in reality your baler doesn’t either (although they can be outside all year round if looked after).

If you provide your equipment with a cover or shelter, not only will it keep your staff happier, but it will also keep your equipment better protected.

It is well known that operators perform more efficiently and safer when they are out of the wind and cold.



Most models of balers and compactors have electrics that are IP55 rated (splash proof/ weather protected) however, any water ingress will freeze when the temperatures drop below 0 and cause major damage.

So, how do you prevent water from getting to the electrics? We recommend not opening the electric box unless qualified to do so. If you think you have a problem with them then we recommend calling us to prevent any seals being broken.

Also, if your machine is standing and not in use it would be worth covering it with something. Just to add a little extra protection.



If your baler or compactor happens to be powered by air it is important to run some extra checks on the compressor to keep in running smoothly.

Drain the compressor and any water traps at the end of every shift and leave the drain tap open (although remember to close it again on the next shift). Any water left in the compressor or traps can freeze and prevent you from using your equipment straight away.



We highly recommend having your baler and compactor is serviced regularly and (if possible) before the winter months.

A good service will highlight any issues that may occur in the future or due to the weather in the coming months.

It will also leave your balers joints and moving parts well lubricated to keep them going without problems for longer.

Double check your service/rental agreements for your servicing schedule or contact your provider if you are unsure when your machine is due a service.


Most of the winter checks highlighted above are exactly the same as the regular maintenance checks we, and other providers of waste equipment, recommend doing throughout the year, not just at winter.

Our recommendation is to create a list of regular maintenance checks that your operators can follow to keep your machine working for as long as possible without problems occurring.
These can often be found in the user manual but will soon be available to download from our website. Sign up to our newsletter below to stay posted.

If you find you still need help with your winter checks then give us a call on 0800 342 3177 and we can help.

It is recommended you maintain your baler with regular service so if you don’t have a service agreement in place then it is worth looking into. We offer a wide range of maintenance packages to suit most makes and models of balers. Just contact us here for a quote.

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