Did you know that Orwak Easi UK Ltd now supply Static and Portable Compactors that are manufactured to the highest European standards?

Many people don’t know the difference between these two types (static and portable) of Compactors. Hopefully we can make this much clearer to enable you to make the right choice for the right application.

Static Compactors are the most common in the UK. The compactor itself is permanently placed on the ground, and the waste container is connected to it. When full, this container is disconnected and replaced by an empty one, ready to fill. This ensures minimum downtime on site, and various container sizes can be used.

Most types of waste can be put in to a static compactor, from general black bag waste to large items, broken pallets and more. With various feed options, the user can fill the compactor by hand via hopper, by binlifter, forklift, at dock level or through a chute.

With Orwaks unique safety system, the compactor cannot work without a container connected. And with the well-designed guide rails the container will always connect perfectly, every time.



Portable Compactors tend to be used for general waste, contaminated waste, or waste with liquid residue.

This type of compactor is one enclosed unit. When full, the entire unit is taken away to be emptied and then brought back. As an enclosed compactor there is no mess or leakage keeping the site environment safe and clean. The Portable Compactor range comes in various capacity sizes, and we also offer a fully leak proof version – perfect for food manufacturers etc with wet waste.

With various feed options on both the Static and Portable Compactors, the user can fill the compactor by hand via hopper, by bin lifter, forklift, at dock level or through a chute.

We already have an extensive range of horizontal and vertical balers, bag compactors, brickette equipment, drum crushers and document shredders so we are more than excited to be offering this range of static and portable compactors.

Orwak KS Portable

So how do you get more information?

If you are currently looking for a compactor then get in touch.

From first enquiry we will visit site, do a full site survey to understand type of material, volume, throughput, loading type and more. Then full technical drawings are made for the customer to check and sign before manufacture. Smooth first class install and commissioning with second-to-none aftercare.
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