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Did you ever wonder what happened to your recycled waste materials?

We are always told we need to recycle more, do more for the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. But what if you were already using items made from recycled products and you weren’t aware?

What if you were doing more for the environment than you thought? Well, here is a list of the Top 5 things made from recycled products. Do you recognise any?

Number 1 – Fleeces

Yes, the good old winter warmer is made from recycled plastic drinks bottles. It is estimated it takes around 25 recycled bottles to make just one fleece jacket. The process is quite complicated but put simply; liquid plastic is forced through tiny holes and as the plastic cools it makes tiny threads. These threads are then woven, knitted and stitched together just like you would wool.

Fleece is becoming a much loved and popular alternative to woolen jumpers. It is lightweight and water proof and cheaper than your natural alternative. Plus we can all be please we are helping the environment 25 plastic bottles at a time.

Number 2 – Park Benches

Gone are the days of wooden and metal park benches. Plastic versions are soon becoming a popular choice. They are lightweight, water resistant, durable and often made from recycled plastic milk bottles.

It takes around 1050 plastic milk bottles to make a 6 foot bench. So, if an average household uses 2.5 bottles of milk a week, it would take roughly 8 years to be the proud owner of a full bench. A bit unrealistic, however if every household and business recycle their plastic milk bottles regularly there would be very little need to make ‘new’ plastic.

Number 3 – Puzzles

Puzzles, jigsaws, playing cards and so on. The list is actually endless. Cardboard is the most recycled product but, apart from more cardboard, we hear very little about what other products are made from the recycled products.

However, we use it more than we think. Most card based puzzles are made from the stuff. In fact the more you think about it the more it makes senses.

New innovations are coming out all the time. Card is so versatile and designers are creating speakers, radios, seats, computer cases and cat houses. Let’s not forget the good old fashion fort you can make for the kids once you have received your new washing machine.

Number 4 – Bikes

Push bikes and their parts are often, but not always or restricted to, recycled cans. Yes, all those recycled tuna tins are peddling their way around the country.

Bikes have many little metal parts that have been created using recycled material. It doesn’t mean that the bike is any less of a bike. In fact I’d say it makes it better, not only are you saving the planet by cycling instead of driving but you are re-using your baked bean tins over and over again and we are not talking wind power.

Number 5 – Aluminium Cans

Can anyone guess what is made out of aluminium cans? Anyone?

Quite simply more aluminium cans. Obviously, it is not limited to just making cans but the majority of recycled cans do get made back into cans over and over again. It is estimated to take just 60 days from being recycled to being back on the shelves in the supermarkets housing a refreshing beverage for us busy people.

A little bit boring but next time you are drinking from a can just think how many times that can has already been a can in a past life. Mind blowing really right?

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