Recently awarded the highest level at the NBRA Greener Bodyshops Awards event, Orwak had the pleasure of presenting the 28 individual awards for each site to display.

Gemini ARC have worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint as a business. From waste reduction and recycling to LED lighting, VOC-free systems and green parts, they have put multiple solutions in place across all 29 sites.

Gemini Arc being presented an award by John Wannell of Orwak Easi UK Ltd

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Talking to Tony Hill, Operations and Compliance Manager at Gemini, ‘There is always more we can do as a responsible business, and we’re always looking to make choices that help the environment.’

Orwak continue to work with Gemini ARC as an NBRA member to help them achieve their environmental goals.

We have been busy delivery awards this week. Check out the most recent ones below;


Kerrie Barrow, Sales Director at Orwak Easi UK Ltd visited TTVR at their Washington site on Monday to present their well-deserved Silver Level NBRA Greener Bodyshop Award.

Darren and Graeme couldn’t make the event recently, but nonetheless TTVR was a worthy winner, putting many environmental practices in to place across their 5 North East England sites.

As with every other winner, TTVR draw from their NBRA membership a huge amount of support and advice in all areas of running a bodyshop. This has helped them start the journey in reducing their impact on our environment.

As NBRA’s partner in developing this recognition, Orwak Easi UK Ltd are so proud to present so many of these awards. It shows that every little change really CAN make a difference.

I’m sure next year TTVR will be aiming high, looking at many more ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

Well done everyone – a great team effort.

Greener is the Way Forward at Drive Vauxhall

On a cold Tuesday afternoon in Darlington, we caught up with Jason Bond, Group Bodyshop Director at Drive Vauxhall to present him with individual awards to be displayed at each Drive Vauxhall site.

As a large Dealer Group, Drive Vauxhall have very different challenges to most bodyshops – size. Implementing green initiatives is a huge task, ensuring consistency is an understandable challenge. However Drive Vauxhall works with this on a day to day basis.

Winning Bronze Level in the NBRA Greener Bodyshop Awards, Jason is committed to going further in the future and striving to make a bigger impact. ‘This is the first year of recognition in working towards a better environment for all of us, now we can look forward to new and innovative ways to further reduce our carbon footprint. This Award will raise the bar in the industry, and it’s just fantastic that bodyshops are being recognised for their efforts. The NBRA is an inspiring Association and a breath of fresh air.’

Orwak Easi UK Ltd look forward to supporting Jason and the team in achieving their green goals.

Well done in all your efforts so far, it’s a great achievement to be proud of!


Stay posted for more updates and awards being handed out.



You can see some of their solutions here>>>

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