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Orwak Easi UK Ltd now supply bins and waste containers under the Sulo name.

This may seem strange but back in May 2020 it was announced that the Sulo Group had taken over our parent company, the San Sac Group, (you can read this update here) making Orwak Easi UK Ltd part of the Sulo group.

You may have noticed our logo changed slightly.

As part of this merger the two companies in the UK, Orwak Easi UK Ltd and Sulo UK, have come together as one. We now work together with the same great team of support behind us; selling balers, compactors, bins and waste containers.

Sulo have always been a world leader in bins, waste containers and underground systems. There is no doubt you will have seen the bins throughout the UK over the years and they still work to provide the UK with quality bins.

And Orwak Easi UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading waste and recycling equipment suppliers. Providing solutions for companies to save time, space and money through balers and compactors.

So, how do the two work together?

Well, essentially, we have people working on both sides of the business. However, it also means we can offer a whole lot more to our customers. We can offer complete waste solutions and cover more waste products if we use a mixture of systems.

An example of this is a company looking for a fully automatic baler with a bin lift. We can supply both the baler and the bins required. Perfect and practical.

As Sulo is new to us we thought we would introduce the team behind the bins to you.

Alan Craddock – Sulo specialist in underground systems

Alan Craddock - Sulo Specialist in underground systems

Here is what Alan has to say “I have been working with Sulo products now for over 14 years. I specialise in underground waste systems. My role encompasses project management, sales and after sales service. I interact with architects, planners, constructions companies and the end client which essentially covers a given project from its inception until completion…and beyond!”

He adds “We offer a fully comprehensive service to support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of these products. From the design stage of a housing development through to maintenance and washing services to keep the products in good working order.”

We have over 750 underground refuse units installed throughout the UK and this number continues to grow with a number of ‘active’ projects with councils and developers.

Sulo Underground System installed near the O2 Arena in London

An underground system installed near the O2 Arena in London

Karl Dawes – Sulo specialist in bins and waste containers

Karl Dawes - Sulo specialist in bins and waste containers

Karl has over 10 years’ experience across the plastic moulding industry with specific focus on the sale of all waste Containers into both private companies and local authorities.

He is responsible for the whole of the UK and the establishing of Sulo products through all available purchasing frameworks. Ensuring all customers’ needs are satisfied and a quality service is provided in keeping with the Sulo name and within the industry.

A selection of Sulo bins and waste containers Orwak

A selection of Sulo bins and waste containers ready to head out to customers

Tom McCusker – Sulo Servicing Manager

Tom McCusker

Tom is the man behind the scenes.

Tom’s role is to provide installation support to customers when the underground systems are installed at the beginning of their life cycle. He also provides reactive repair support and annual health checks on established systems to keep everything running smoothly.

Going Forward

Going forward we aim to have an updated Orwak Easi UK Ltd website and a fully functioning Sulo UK website (view the current website here) to make navigating our products simple and easy. In the meantime we will be posting bin highlights on the Orwak website and social media sites and keep you fully informed.

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch here. We would be happy to help with balers or bins.

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