We are having a stock clear out to make room for some newer machines arriving from HQ over the next few months. Don’t miss this offer.

To give our customers the best possible range of baling and compacting equipment we often look at existing stock, the new stock coming in and what is going out and have a re-think.
As you may be aware, we have an extensive range of equipment which includes a range of good quality used balers. This range is great value for those with a limited budget or as an additional machine to your existing equipment.

Therefore we looked closely, at we believe to be the best value for customers, and came up with our latest offer.

So what is this offer?

Well, we are selling good quality used Orwak Easi 102 balers for under £800. That includes install and initial training.

It’s a bargain.

You may have already seen it over on our social media pages but just in-case you missed it we thought we would share it again.

Check it out below;

This offer is available on our website here;

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch here;

Get yours whilst stocks last.

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