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Have you missed this news?

If you follow us on social media then you will have probably seen these little snippets of success stories. We post them quite regularly so you can see what we are up to and what the benefits to our customers are.

However, if you don’t then here are some examples from this month.

Perfect Combo

Perfect Combo

One machine isn’t always enough to drastically reduce your waste streams.

We often install a combination tailored to your needs.

Like this Distribution Centre in Swadlincote.

They had an Orwak Compact 3110 installed for plastic waste and

(if you look closely in the background) an Orwak Flex 5030 for general waste.

Perfect for their individual needs.


Double Trouble

Double trouble

This customer in Crawley has taken full advantage of our current 450 offer.

They are using one machine for cardboard and one machine for polythene saving them £50 per week.

Plus, they are saving time on flat packing the card and saving the space of two skips in their yard.


Enhance Your Recycling

Enhance your recycling

We aren’t in the business of always replacing existing equipment.

We often add to your range to enhance your recycling process.

Take this customer in Glasgow for example. They had 90% card and 10% plastic.

The old machine (green) was a bit worn but still working.

So, to enhance their process we installed an Orwak Power 3820 to do 90% of the work and the old machine to do the remaining 10%.

The old machine is now enjoying an easier life and the new machine is producing bales worthy of a rebate.


Plastic Fantastic

Plastic fantastic

Do you want your staff to be more productive?

This fruiterer in Kent has achieved just that and more.

By using an Easi 450 to bale plastic they are freeing up valuable space in their general waste skip,

cutting down the number of lifts and staff are spending more time at their work stations.

Increasing productivity, space and savings.


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