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Make money from your waste


What do we mean?

You will have heard the phrase ‘Make money from your waste’. Many recycling companies use it to attract your attention. Us included. But is it really about making money?

The simple answer is no. And I will explain why and how we can justify saying it.

To put it as plainly as we can. It is more about making savings on your waste costs. It is a bonus if you can create a revenue too.

Current waste disposal is something you pay for, it is all out going money. You will be paying to ‘hire’ bins or skips and then paying for lifts and removal of the waste. In most cases you will be paying for multiple bins or skips for different types of material.

So how do we save you, or make you money, from your waste?

As a company we offer a FREE no obligation waste audit. One of our team will come and assess your waste and your current waste recycling process. We will talk to you about your needs, your waste and create a solution to save you money.

As we are a supplier of balers and compactors a solution would centre around one of these machines with the aim of reducing the need for so many bins or skips and the need for so many lifts. In some cases we can reduce the need for these altogether.

We often arrange free of charge collections for bales of recyclable products like cardboard or plastic (depending on the recycling companies in your area).

For example; if you had 10 x bins full of general waste collected weekly with an Orwak Flex 5030 we could reduce this to just 1 bin collected weekly with a compaction ratio of up to 10:1. Even with the rental of our solution you would still be making a huge saving. Essentially making money from your waste!

compaction ratio 10:1


However, if you produce LOTS, and by lots I mean I minimum of 2 tons, of a highly recyclable waste like cardboard or plastic, using a mill size baler, then there is the added bonus of possibly being paid for this waste based on market values. (See current market values here)

I.E if you create over 2 tons of cardboard waste a week, and could potentially store mill size bales for a month, then a recycler may be willing to pay you for these bales.

So, yes money can be made from your waste however, that money may be in the form saving rather than cold hard cash.

To help you understand here are some FAQ’s

  • Can I make money on my waste? Possibly, you are more likely to make savings. We would have to come and see you to tell you exactly how.
  • How much waste would I need to produce to create a revenue? A minimum of 2- 3 tons of recyclable waste. Even better if you can store this for a month or longer. A recycler would much prefer a full load.
  • Will I get full market value for the bales? This all depends on your recycler. The chances are you will get just below the market value. There has to be something in it for the recycler too. The market also fluctuates, so the value can go up and down. You can keep an eye on current values here.
  • Do you collect the recycling? – No. However, we do have a network of recyclers across the country that we work with and help you arrange regular collections with them.
  • Do we offer a bin service? – No. But we can point you in the right direction if needed.
  • What if you can’t save me any money? If we can’t save you any money we will tell you. However, sometimes customers are not interested in the cost savings and are only interested in saving themselves space and time.
  • What materials are likely to make money? More than you think but the most common are; Baled Cardboard, Baled Plastic, Baled Poly Prop Bags and Baled Aluminium Cans.
  • How to I arrange a FREE waste audit? It is really easy. Contact us here or call 0800 342 3177


So whilst there is the possibility of making money on top of your savings, it is the savings that make you the money. It’s an added bonus if you can make revenue from your waste too.


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