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Last week was a great week for Orwak Horizontals.

It saw us install a brand new Orwak 500AT baler into a large distribution center in Harlow.

The distribution center was previously baling their cardboard in two vertical balers but the cardboard was that big they were having to cut it down up to 4 times to be able to fit it in.

This process took a lot of time, meant the bales weren’t very well compacted and they had a constant back log in the warehouse.

The Solution

The Orwak 500AT was installed on to one of the docks, with a large hopper to load the cardboard. With the 500AT no cardboard is too big. The progressive cutting deals with all the card and produces solid bales.

The time saved cutting card and loading/tying off the bales means a clear warehouse, and huge labour-saving and the site can now maximise revenue by having top quality bales to recycle.
Check out the baler in action below.


The Orwak 500At is a big piece of baling equipment, specially made to the customer’s specification to deal with large quantities of waste. You can check the full range out here>>>>

So, it was a massive team effort to install the equipment. We want to say a big thanks to our engineers Neil, Andrew and Wayne for their time and help.

Also, a special mention to Frederic from our factory in France who came over to ensure it went smoothly and to the crane company who worked with us to install the baler safely.

Well done to everyone involved and we look forward to bringing you more horizontal success stories.

For more information about our full range visit; https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/our-range-of-balers-and-compactors/ 

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