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In these uncertain and difficult times, people and businesses across the UK and the world are struggling to survive and function in day-to-day life.

However all businesses and organisations providing essential services have their own unique problems. One of these is an unprecedented amount of waste.

Does your site have enough bin capacity to cope with the general waste and recyclable material you are currently generating?

Overflowing bins can be dangerous when everyone is fighting to keep themselves and everything around them hygienic. Stopping the spread of the Coronavirus is absolutely essential for the safety of staff and also the waste collectors that empty these bins.

More packaging, PPE clothing, paper towels, wipes etc. are being generated and need to be disposed of safely and regularly.

For the businesses and organisations that come in to this ‘essential services’ group, we can help with waste handling equipment on short term rentals.

From hospitals and surgeries to food retailers, manufacturers, distribution centres and delivery services, we have stock of balers and compactors that can help.

Our 5030 bag compactor is ideal for hygienic waste disposal – the compacted waste is sealed in a heavy duty bag to safely put in to your bin/container. And at 10:1 compaction, these bins don’t need to overflow.

For packaging waste we can supply balers of various sizes dependent on individual needs, again keeping waste areas clean and safe.

If you need a quick solution with no long-term commitment, we can help. Email us on or call 0800 342 3177. We can quickly advise on what is suitable and the relevant site information we need. We can quickly and safely get equipment to you under strict safety guidelines.

If we can help call us now.

Thank you all for the fantastic work you are all doing to help keep us all safe and well.

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