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500AT horizontal baler


We had another successful installation of a 500AT Horizontal Baler in a Distribution Centre in Medway the other week.

This version of the horizontal baler was installed on the floor inside the building with the bales going straight outside, via a hole in the wall, ready for loading on the recyclers’ lorry.

horizontal bales produced

As with our other horizontal install the other week, huge cardboard was a big issue, creating a backlog of cardboard due to the extra time taken.

The progressive cutting on the 500AT Horizontal Baler allows for this cardboard to be loaded in tact into the large hopper, where it is then cut automatically, allowing the operator to carry on with other work. Saving the customer many man hours.

At up to 4 tonnes of cardboard per hour, there is never cardboard building up in the recycling area like previously.

You can see the difference in productivity and space in the ‘before and after’ pictures below;


cardboard before horizontal baler


area after horizontal baler

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