The benefits are what help you choose a product or solution and we think it is important you know what the benefits of using Orwak Easi UK Ltd are.

We have many products and solutions, many of which are tailored to your individual needs. Therefore, there is no ‘one solution fits all’ post we can do to sell our products or solutions to you.

In fact there are plenty of companies out there vying for your custom, all promising to offer you something better than the rest. Which is great.
You need to shop around, do your research and decide what solution is best for you.

So, if you are thinking of a new solution to tackle your waste and recycling then Orwak Easi UK Ltd could have something that ticks all the boxes, read the benefits below.

1) What we offer – Free site visit, waste audits and trials.

A site visit is standard practise but we were the first company in the UK to offer free waste audits in the 70’s and we still offer them today. They are the perfect opportunity for you, as a business, to see what we can do for you. We get a full understanding of your individual business needs too.

A waste audit is simply that, we will come and have a look at your waste streams and your current set up. This lets us see if we can help. Usually we can. But if we can’t we will let you know.

A site visit and waste audit are just the start. If you haven’t used a baler or compactor before or are looking at a different style machine we can trial them too.

Yes, one crucial benefit of using Orwak Easi UK ltd is that you can have a free two week trial of almost all of our machinery. We deliver it, install it and train you to use it so you can see the results for yourself.

All of which are no obligation. Meaning at any stage you can say the solution is not right for your business.

See our guide below;

2) Savings – we aim to save you time, space and money

We aim to save you up to 80% of your waste costs but that is not all.

The list of benefits is quite big but the essentials are all you really need to hear.

We save you time. We reduce the need to double handle waste materials or the lengthy walk to the skip outside. Many of our balers and compactors can be positioned at source. That means staff spend less time handling the waste.

An added bonus for employers wanting to maximise production.

We also save you space. Cardboard and plastic are bulky and full of air. This is what fills up your bins and skips quickly resulting in more bins or skips or more regular collections which are costly.

Space saving is also essential for health & safety. We often find customers are running out of space so they end up blocking fire exits, walkways and assembly points. We can solve this as bales are neat, tidy and easy to store.

And we can save you money. If you combine the savings on time, the savings on space (reduced bin or skip collections), the possible rebates and potential free collections of your bales they all equal savings.

Who wouldn’t want to see if we can save you time, space and money?

3) Training

From the moment the machine arrives at your site, we will train your staff to use it.

It is recommended that the only people who use our equipment are those that are trained to do so. Therefore, on arrival we will train people on how to use it safely and efficiently. This is essential for health and safety procedures and risk assessments.

Our initial training might not be enough if you have staff come and go, therefore we offer continued training opportunities. Customers can request this when necessary.

Just get in touch with our customer service team. Which leads me to my next benefit.

4) On-going support and or servicing

We offer on-going support and servicing of your machines.

A total benefit to all those Orwak Easi UK customers. We are just at the end of the phone and will send email reminders of how to contact us should you need to.

Rental customers have an annual service and can call us out if they experience any problems. 70% of which we can solve over the phone.

Customers that purchase machines outright can also add a service contract to give them the same level of cover for an annual fee. We have different levels of cover to suit every customers needs.

All of which will be fully explained to you during the whole process.

5) Consumables

We stock all the essential consumables. From recycling bags to baling wire. We even have a dedicated consumables department to get you the best deal.

Not only that but our consumables are suitable for most makes and models of other recycling equipment.

We also have a convenient online shop (find it here). We recently slashed the price by up to 50% so get your hands on some of the bargains.

6) Customer Service

Incandescent light bulb orange light on wall

We take pride in our customer service and continually work to make sure our customers are happy.

We are here to help – from enquiries, issues, to consumables. Our friendly team will answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

From day one you will be welcomed with emails with all the information you would need and we even give you a chance to independently review what we do through Feefo. Please feel free to read our current reviews here.


So, now you have read through the 6 essential benefits of using Orwak Easi UK Ltd you will notice that our aim in not to sell and run. We will be there to support you throughout your journey with us.

If you would like to see what products might suit you please visit the website here.

Alternatively, get in touch here or call 0800 342 3177 to book your site visit and waste audit to see what we can do to benefit your company.

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