Orwak 9020 baler

Orwak Multi Baler Range – Many Balers in One! - Balers & Compactors

One Baler – Multiple Waste Streams

More than one waste stream?  Then the Orwak Multi Baler Range is for you. Top loading is simple and convenient and you can order additional chambers when needed. The Multi-Chamber Baler becomes as easy as an electronic sorting station!

When multiple waste streams are generated, businesses find it unworkable to store one waste while baling another. This alleviates the mess of storage by dealing with each waste stream at the same time.

Our world-leading innovation has now ensured our Multi-Chamber Balers are the safest of their kind in the world!

Why Orwak Multi?

  • Sorting and compaction of several waste types at source
  • Top-loading of the material in open chambers
  • Total freedom to increase capacity by adding additional chambers
  • Complies to EN16500 Safety Standard

PRESS FORCE: 3-20 ton BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard) 50 – 200 kg (plastic) 80 – 300kg

  • Orwak Multi 5070 Baler

    The Multi 5070 Baler is the smaller version of our 9020. Therefore, you don’t need huge quantities of waste to put an ‘electronic sorting station’ in place!

    This unit enables you to deal with multiple waste streams at the same time, and extra chambers can be added when needed. Our innovative two-handed apron operation makes this the SAFEST SMALL MULTIPLE CHAMBER BALER IN THE WORLD!

    This unit comes with a Bale Trolley to easily move your baled waste, ideal if your premises doesn’t have lifting equipment.

    Press force: 3 ton

    Bale weight:   Cardboard up to 50 kg     Plastic up to 80 kg

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  • Orwak Multi 5070 HDC Baler

    The 5070 HDC is the heavy-duty version of the 5070 Baler. Its specifically designed to handle tough waste streams such as paint tins, food cans and plastic bottles.

    Cross-binding means it is ideal for small pieces of waste, and the long piston stroke creates a much more compact bale. As with all the multi chamber Balers, additional chambers can be added when necessary. Comes with bale trolley for easy manoeuvre of the bales.

    Press force: 10 tonne

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 80 kg     Plastic up to 100 kg

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  • 9020 baler

    Orwak Multi 9020 Baler

    The Multi 9020 Baler is a top-loading, multi chamber solution that forms a mini recycling point. By using one chamber for each waste stream, it is easy to sort and baler materials at source.

    Our recent innovation has made the 9020 Baler THE SAFEST MULTI-CHAMBER BALER IN THE WORLD TODAY. Over the last 3 years we have developed a new braking system to eliminate unnecessary injuries, working in conjunction with the HSE. Go to our link at http://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/blog/orwak-multi-9020-expandable-waste-management-workstation/ for more details.

    9020 brakes 9020 mod

    Press force: 20 tonne

    Bale weight:    Cardboard up to 200 kg     Plastic up to 300 kg

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