5030 flex

Orwak Flex Range – Flexible, Small and Strong - Balers & Compactors

A Flexible Range for Flexible Applications

The Orwak Flex Range offers a collection of units that have a small footprint, yet pack a punch. With 3 tonne pressure, these units will handle any waste that comes their way. From bagged general and hazardous waste to tins/cans and cardboard/plastic, there is a solution to your needs.

This product family features strong compactors with different qualities. The small top-loading units include our classic in-bag compactor and in-bin applications as well as a solution for safe compaction of hazardous waste.

Why Orwak Flex?

  • Versatile compaction for many different applications
  • Hygienic and safe compaction and disposal of mixed or hazardous waste
  • Special solutions for special needs
  • Orwak Flex 5010-E Baler

    The 5010-E Baler has a small footprint but plenty of power. Top-loading makes this unit versatile, convenient and fast. The Baler can be installed in virtually any location, and is extremely easy to operate.

    A trolley is supplied with every 5010-E Baler, meaning easy to move bales when lifting gear isn’t available on site.

    Examples of Waste Streams:

    Paper, Cardboard, Paper Sacks, Shrink Wrap, Plastic bags, Metal straps, Plastic Straps, and much more.

    Bale Weight:    Cardboard up to 60kg    Plastic up to 80kg

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  • Orwak Flex 5030 Compactor

    This compactor has been one of our most popular units since the 1970s, and its original design has not changed after all those years! Its versatility and ease of use offers hygienic compaction of mixed and hazardous waste and a compaction ratio of 10:1.

    The compacted and sealed bag prevents any leakage and odours. It has a small footprint but a powerful pressforce of 3 tonne.

    Examples of ideal waste streams:

    Paper Sacks, Shrink wrap, plastic bags, tins/cans, general waste, hazardous waste. Anything that can be squashed!

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  • Orwak Flex 5030-N HD Compactor

    The 5030-N HD is the special version of the Orwak Flex 5030 Compactor. This unit provides you with a safe way of compacting hazardous waste directly into drums.

    Transportation and disposal of chemical waste becomes safe and simple. Containers with residual paint, oil or chemicals or compacted into 45 gallon drums. With a small footprint, this unit still provides 3 tonnes of pressure, giving a compaction ratio of up to 10:1!

    Examples of waste streams:

    Glass, cans and tins containing hazardous or chemical waste. Contaminated rags and paper towels, and much much more.

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