brickman Briquette

Brickman – The Briquette Machine - Balers & Compactors

Briquette or Bale? Reducing the volume of your waste

The innovative Brickman machine will turn your large amounts of waste into small Briquette for recycling, via an automated solution.

The presses minimise your waste by volume giving you a cost-effective solution that reduces the need for internal transportation, such as forklift trucks. The Brickman will keep aisles, passageways and other spaces free from clutter, as does all our compactors and balers.

The Brickman offers you time saving and comfortable waste handling as the presses can be fed while operational.  There is no shutter to open when loading the material and the finished Briquette need no binding.

Ideal option for cardboard, polystyrene, PET bottles, aluminium cans etc.

Why Brickman?

  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emissions.


PRESS FORCE: 25 ton CAPACITY: up to 300 – 1400 kg/h

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    Brickman 300

    The Brickman 300 is available in several options dependent on material. Creating briquettes from vast amounts of waste, no binding is required and can be fed while running. The capacity is up to an impressive 300kg per hour!

    The first version is ideally for cardboard. With compaction pressure of up to 500kg/cm2.

    Alternatively, another version available is for aluminium cans and shredded paper – due to the extension on the press cylinder and automatic greasing of the press plate.

    The third is for PET bottles and plastic containers. Reinforced press chamber, press plate and cutting blades makes this a particularly  sturdy version.

    Hopper: 0.75 m3      Press Force: 25 tonne

    Cardboard 250 kg per hour
    PET bottles 170kg per hour
    Aluminium 300kg per hour
    Shredded paper 300kg per hour

  • Brickman 900K

    The Brickman 900K was developed to make the task of compacting large quantities of bulky waste – such as cardboard and PET bottles – as simple as possible.

    The 900K has the capacity to process up to 750kg of material per hour! It can be fed while running therefore no down time, creating briquettes that require no binding.

    The Brickman is easy to integrate in to existing systems.

    Hopper: 2 m3

    Capacity cardboard: 750 kg per hour
    PET bottles: 600kg per hour