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Our Comprehensive Range of Balers and Compactors - Balers & Compactors

Using one of our innovative Balers and Compactors to maximise your waste management will do many things. Reduce your environmental footprint, reduce your waste to landfill, and reduce your costs through recycling.  In fact, you can increase your bottom line by selling your recyclable waste to recycling companies!

For many businesses, their issue is the space that their various waste bins/containers take up, the hazardous mess their loose waste creates, rodent and pest issues, to name but a few. Balers and Compactors are the answer to these issues!

Whether you need a single chamber baler for one waste stream or a multiple chamber when you have many recyclables. A top loader or front loader dependent on type of material. Large or small to deal with the different volumes of waste. You will find an Orwak compactor or baler that will fit your specific needs.

We have divided the range into product groups based on similarities in design and functions, therefore offering a comprehensive range for you to choose from.

Our range of products are simple and easy to use, and designed with Health and Safety as our top priority. Our products are the safest in the world today. You can be assured of the right product for the right job, delivering the right solution for you.

  • tom public compactor

    TOM – the Public Space Compactor

    Meet TOM. The compactor for public spaces with high footfall. TOM will give a compaction ratio of 7:1, and makes the operation of emptying public bin areas much easier – fewer empties, less labour-intensive and most importantly helps to create a better visitor experience.

  • 3115 baler

    Orwak Compact Range

    Orwak Compact Balers are designed for their small footprints, ideal for small amounts of recyclable waste. They will fit where you need them, yet still provide effective compaction. Bales are lightweight and easy to handle. Each Compact Baler comes with a bale trolley.

  • 3620 baler

    Orwak Power Range of Balers

    Orwak Power is the latest Baler family in our range. Their new design and innovative technology makes the Power range of Balers the toughest, safest, and most intelligent in the world today.

  • 9020 baler

    Orwak Multi Baler Range – Many Balers in One!

    Orwak Multi Balers are perfect for businesses with more than one waste stream to process. Multiple types of waste can be dealt with at the same time. You can also add chambers if your waste streams increase. With our unique safety system, the Multi range are the safest multi-chamber Balers in the world.

  • 5030 compactor

    Orwak Flex Range – Flexible, Small and Strong

    The Orwak Flex range offers various solutions to various waste issues. From general and hazardous waste to cardboard, plastic and tins/cans.

    The Flex range is versatile, hygienic and a safe solution to special requirements.

  • Orwak Horizontal 800_installation1

    Orwak Horizontal Baler Range for Continuous Baling

    From cardboard and plastic packaging to PET bottles, aluminium cans and hard plastics, the Orwak Horizontal Range can handle it all. Each baler is designed specifically for the individual customer, taking into consideration the type of material, throughput, loading requirements and more. Backed by our first class service cover, we ensure that your business can concentrate on the important things.

  • P1000 compactor with binlifter

    Orwak Static and Portable Compactors

    The Orwak Range of Compactors are used to compact large volumes of wet, dry and mixed waste, eliminating the need for multiple bins and containers on site and multiple collections.

  • brickman compactor brickette machine

    Brickman – The Briquette Machine

    The Brickman range gives the user the ability to compact huge amounts of waste very quickly and without any tying. Average compaction ratio is 20:1, creating extremely dense brickettes. Perfect for aluminium cans, polystyrene, cardboard and more.

  • refurbished balers and compactors

    Refurbished Balers for Every Budget

    Orwak can also offer low cost Refurbished Balers and Compactors. Fully refurbished by our Engineering Department, using only the best quality parts. Availability dependent on current stock levels. Call us for details.

  • confidential document shreddersshredder

    Confidential Document Shredders

    Due to increasing Customer demand, Orwak Easi can supply confidential document shredders for your office. Fully compliant with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

  • baler strapping banding

    Baler and Compactor Accessories

    Orwak can supply the highest quality Baler and Compactor Consumables. Bags, wires, strapping, twine and more for all your Baler and Compactor needs. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Exclusive deals on bulk orders.