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When a solution pays off – PenCarrie Static Solution

We love it when what we do really pays off for a company and this is a great example of savings that can be made.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of waste and recycling machinery we pride ourselves on our expert team who are there to support a business every step of the way. We aim to save time, space and money and improve recycling credentials too.

So, when we went to help PenCarrie, a leading wholesale clothing supplier, who produce a lot of mixed waste, we have been amazed by the results.


Previously PenCarrie were filling 5 x 12 cubic meter skips a week with waste. That’s 5 separate lifts per week costing the company a lot of money and they needed a solution to reduce this.


Back in January 2021 Orwak Easi UK Ltd installed an Orwak Static P1000 compactor with a bin lift, alongside some bins to compliment the set up and the feedback has been great.

A static compactor is effective in reducing large volumes of dry mixed recycling with a ratio of 10:1. It is permanently positioned on site with a removable container attached. This container is then uplifted once full and an empty one put it in its place to reduce down time. You can read more about these compactors here.


The team at PenCarrie are very happy with the results of and had their first uplift in June 2021. It has taken 6 months to fill it completely with a weight of 8.7tonnes. Amazing results.

So, they have gone from 5 weekly uplifts of their skips to just 1 uplift in 6 months. Producing significant savings on transport costs, space and time.

With an ever increasing need for packaging and distribution facilities in the UK thanks to the change in consumer habits we are seeing an increased need for larger recycling solutions.

But don’t worry we have you covered. Get in touch for more information here.

And if you need any clothing, workwear & PPE or accessories, give PenCarrie a try here.


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