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Orwak and Essex Wildlife Trust


Thanks to our very own Business Development Manager, Robert Haberman, Orwak Easi UK Limited is proud to be sponsoring Essex Wildlife Trust as a Silver Member for the year.

As a company we are passionate about the environment and are keen to help companies with shared values. We also believe in supporting members of staff who feel strongly about something.

Therefore, when Rob suggested we become a member to help support Essex Wildlife trust for the year we jumped at the chance.

About Essex Wildlife Trust

Essex Wildlife Trust is a charity that protects wildlife through conservation, education and a love of nature.

As well as their passion for wildlife they also believe recycling is key to this and promote recycling whenever they can. Just like Orwak Easi UK Ltd they believe recycling has a positive impact on our surroundings.

They are supported by a large team of 1900 volunteers and over 38,000 members like ourselves and we are keen to help them out.

You can read more about their mission here.

Why we are proud to support and raise awareness?

We have always encouraged our staff to come forward with ideas for us to get involved with and we welcome any suggestions. In the past we have sponsored local teams, participated in beach cleans and donated to charities.

Rob, who can be seen here pictured with Karen Dixon of Essex Wildlife Trust, is a fan of his local reserves, nature and the Trusts mission and he wanted to help.

He said “I wanted to become a member because of the way Essex wildlife trust is trying to make the public aware of the natural beauty we all have surrounding us and we need to help them preserve it for future generations to enjoy.”

As a member we can help spread the word of the amazing work that Essex Wildlife Trust does, work with them to promote recycling and join them in enjoying nature in all its splendor.

As the UK’s leading supplier of Waste and Recycling Machinery we aim to help save customer time, space, money and improve their green credentials. We do this by making sure their waste is recycled efficiently and not ending up in landfill or blowing out of open skips.

For more information on what we do visit https://www.orwakeasi.co.uk/ 

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