Effective and efficient waste management is all about having the right processes in place and the right tools for your particular challenge. However, in today’s busy working environment, levels of waste produced can fluctuate, with more waste produced when the workload is high.

In these situations it is always an advantage to have a system in place that allows for fluctuations, and which that can cope with a sudden increase in waste.

The Orwak Multi 9020 is a multi-chamber baler that provides sorting and compaction of different types of materials in one unit. The Multi 9020 is perfect for situations where waste levels fluctuate. If the levels of waste increase significantly it is easy to add additional chambers to provide extra capacity, or indeed to allow for the management and segregation of different waste types.

New Safety Feature

The compaction technology sits on top of the chambers. The Multi 9020 is not only flexible, but safe. A new safety feature introduced in March 2017 requires two handed operation as a standard feature. This is the only baler in the world that features this innovative safety feature.

Orwak Easi Multi 9020S

The operator needs to push the buttons on the handles and have a two-hand grip when sliding the top unit sideways. The new feature answers customer demands to comply with regulations for safe equipment. It is a first important step to meet the EN 16500 standard. This is an increasingly important consideration, especially in the busier working environments.

The Multi 9020 offers simplicity in use and delivers significant waste volume reduction through more compaction, as high as 10:1, and produces cardboard bales up to 200kg, and plastic up to 300kg. This means less transport required when removing waste from site, lower removal costs, and less CO2 produced. Sorting at source also yields a higher quality of waste material for recycling.

The Orwak Multi 9020 is optimised for paper waste, including paper sacks, cardboard and shredded paper; plastic foil, including shrink film and plastic bags; metal cans, including food cans and paint cans; as well as steel straps and pet bottles.

The ability to add chambers allows your waste handling system to grow at the same pace as your operational requirements, and by using one chamber for each type of material, it is easy to sort and compact materials at source. This means less time spent on waste handling, and more time for your core activities.

The Multi 9020 is a powerful top-loading machine with large chambers and generous loading and unloading apertures. It provides effective volume reduction of large amounts of recyclables, and the press force can be regulated individually for each chamber, according to the material.

The Orwak Multi 9020 allows you to create your own low space, high efficiency, expandable waste management workstation, keeping aisles and work areas free of waste, and reducing your waste management costs.

For more information on the Orwak Multi 9020 click here.

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